The Tim Donnelly Show

The Tim Donnelly Show

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Tim Donnelly hosts The Tim Donnelly Show from 6-9AM on WRAD and is a former quarterback at the University of Delaware.  His cousin, Sean Glennon, was a quarterback for Virginia Tech from 2004-08 and Tim has been a Hokies fan since the days of Michael Vick, DeAngelo Hall, and Kevin Jones.  Tim sets screens in pick-up basketball, references sports movies too often, and split his childhood between New Jersey, Hawaii and Maryland.  In high school, he played football, basketball and ran track.  He firmly believes the best video game of all time is NCAA Football and is leading the movement to bring it back.  He is a fan of logic and reason, and tries to use both when creating his show.  Tim is open to any debate, so bring your opinion, but make sure you can back it up!

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